Dr. Piyush Pandya
We measure life chronologically. We also measure life by experience and by promise we attach to those experiences. Since 2007 the Group has made tremendous progress in all areas-academics, non-academics, capacity building relevant to staff and students. As we know, if you don’t practice what you wants, the lesson is lost. While many of our program relate immediately and directly to the intellectual life here on campus: the faculty seminars, the lectures, important disputed questions of the day, and short colloquia addressing a particular issue, the Institute also intends an outreach to the large scholarly community. The mission is to develop, promote, sustain, and transform students by providing
easy access to information in support of the teaching and learning environment. To accomplish these goals, we develop effective information programs, maintain a user-focused public service philosophy, and acquire appropriate information resources and technology to ensure quality services. I hope a bright future for all.I, along with the entire Navsamvat family, take this opportunity to thank you for showing interest in our institute. Let me assure you that Navsamvat will provide you with the best combination of skills & knowledge to succeed in your chosen career field. Navsamvat will equip you with the professional acumen that will help you meet the challenges of the modern, industrial & service work environment. I extend my best wishes to all my students, certain that they will create their own road to success through empowered excellence.
Navsamvat Law College
Near Lalpur Village,Ujjain
Email navsamvat.edu@gmail.com


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