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Participation In Green India Project
cleanliness drive is the best start promoting the growth of country with its citizen’s individual growth. Only the success of cleanliness campaign may bring a huge positive change in the India. It belongs to the internal and external growth and development of everyone living in India which shows us the completeness of slogan of “Clean, Happy and Healthy Citizens imparts Healthy and Developed Nation”.  Navsamvat paticipated in green project and plants 200 plant at Navsamvat professional college's Campus to make envoirment green and .
Clean India  Mission
Clean India Mission is a national campaign by the Government of India, cities and towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country.
Taking this initiative a step ahead, students of Navsamvat Professional College,Ujjain  have taken the initiative beyond classrooms. Schools are encouraging hygiene and sanitation related activities as they are asking students to ensure that the vicinity around their residence is kept clean
Our Student and Faculty  Clean Nathjhiri Square and Lalpur viliage ,ujjain on 2 October 2016 witch is decleared as Swachhatta diwas.
About 70% of the people are living in rural areas and most of them are illiterate and even more than that percentage of the people are not aware of the rights conferred upon them by law.  It is this absence of legal awareness which is responsible for the deception, exploitation and deprivation of rights and benefits, from which the people suffer in the state. The miserable condition in which the people find themselves can be alleviated to some extent by creating legal awareness amongst the people.therefor orgnized legal camp at lalpur villege to make aware to rural people for their right.
Making Aware of traffic Rule to Student
Traffic rules in true sense so that we can minimize the alarming number of road accidents. Most of these accidents are a direct outcome of the civic negligence rather than lack of awareness. In order to lead a safe and secure life we need to understand the meaning and significance of different road signs and observe traffic rules. As a responsible organization of the society, Navsamvat programmed seminar on Awareness for college students on traffic rules.
Navsamvat Law College
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