The Library has been an important part of College life since the foundation in 1427 and it continues to support the academic study of College members today. The modern collection is superbly stocked and it is kept up to date with regular purchases. We aim to support undergraduate-level study in all the principal subjects studied by Lincoln College undergraduates. Postgraduates may find some books suitable for their research or taught courses in the College Library but normally it is expected that those needing access to more specialized books will use the main University libraries. The library is both a reference and a lending library. Its primary function is to support the education and continuing professional development of College members.

Books are Mans' best friend, At Navsamvat, the library is a fountain to satiate the thirst of knowledge for teachers and students as well. As a backbone of the Institute, it provides facilities for learning, teaching, research and handling consultancy projects. The library is fully computerized. Soon it will be connect to the network, where several million books will be accessible by the users.

In addition, the library has a steady flow of newspapers, magazines and journals on subjects related to Science and Technology. Moreover, a good collection of Video Cassettes and Compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs for having the exposure to latest technological developments is also available. The libraries are collectively stocked with over 55,000 books, magazines, reference articles, archives, encyclopaedic collections, and about 300 references & textbooks, periodicals and national & international journals.

Navsamvat Law College
Near Lalpur Village,Ujjain


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