Department Of Management  

The Navsamvat Professional College includes faculty who study the human component of organizations and focus on how to effectively manage and develop strategy for all types of organizations. Most managers recognize that leadership, communication, organization design, organization change, and other aspects of organizational and strategic studies are critical competencies for success. The Navsamvat Professional College offers graduation  course in Human Resources and Leadership, BBA concentrations in Leadership and Management.

Management involves creating and maintaining a competitive advantage requires winning customers, motivating employees, and managing organizations in new and unique ways. Effective management of human potential and creativity is the foundation of a successful business strategy. The vikram University Management program helps graduates develop effective interpersonal skills, foster decision-making and entrepreneurial thinking, and familiarize themselves with a variety of business environments. The skills developed can be applied to a career in personnel management, organizational behavior, production,
international and small business, healthcare, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, hospitality, education, entrepreneurship, and organizational leadership.
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