Moot Court            

Moot Court is conducted by a senior advocate regularly two days in a week which collaboration of the Principal and senior teachers. In this Moot Court by the rotation students taken an active role of judge, advocates, witnesses as well as a client. The venue of the moot court has pressed by the one of the private film maker who title was “Jagate Raho” who demonstrates one hour. Civil cases, criminal cases, check dishonor cases, matrimonial cases are the main topic of moot court who demonstrated by student time to time in the presence of principal and the staff. Moot Court is one of the compulsory practical papers of the prescribed by Vikram University Ujjain. Each student prepared a manual file regarding moot court Pretrial proceeding and Internship diary,
We have a Moot Court Hall designed like a courtroom for the purpose of conducting Moot Court competition, It is Compulsory for the 3rd year students to participate in internal Moot Court Sessions and there after are prepared for participation in Moot Court competitions organized by other institutions and Universities at State and National level.
Navsamvat Law College
Near Lalpur Village,Ujjain


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